Lake Prespa is the second largest lake in the Republic of Macedonia. The Lake is located at a higher point than any other lake in the Balkans (2,798 ft/853 m), covering over 274sq. km (106 sq. miles). Two thirds of the lake belongs to the Republic of Macedonia, while the remaining third is shared by Greece and Albania. Prespa lake is fed by inderground streams, which inevitably flow in Lake Ohrid, through subterranean channels running under the Galichica Mountain. The whole Galichica Mountain has numerous caves, some even underwater. Some of the caves are filled with Carbonate-rock stalactites, stalagmites, "snowball ceilins" and "draperies".
The Natural beauties, clear lake water, preserved natural environment and good communications have caused the region to become a local favourite tourist destination. The temperature of the water is between 18C degrees in June and 24C degrees in July and August. The beaches are sandy and the summer air teperature is comfortable.  The climate in the Prespa area is Mediterranean, with sunny springs, warm to hot summers, chilly autumns, and moderately cold and snowy winters. Interesting settlement on the shores of the lake is the tourist place Pretor, with a few camping sites and hotels. Krani is a tourist settlement on the east coast of the lake, with a beutiful wide sandy beach.

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