Ohrid has been an eternal bridge of the Balkans, spanning spaces and times. It lies on a magic hill which rises on the northern shore of the shining Lake Ohrid. It has been a living town for two thousand and four hundred years, known under the ancient name of Lychnidos. The metamorphoses of the antique Lychnidos into the medieval Ohrid lasted for several centuries, thus transforming itself into one of the most significant medieval cities on the Balkans. On the pages of the Ohrid saga, we find memories of the birth of the Slavic literacy and culture in the works of St. Clement and St. Naum. St. Clement is worshiped as a patron of the city. Through the activity of St. Clement of Ohrid, the first pan-Slavic University in Europe was found here. Ohrid is also the important official capital of the first Slavic Macedonian state - Tzar Samuel's empire.
It is also known by the name of "The Balkan Jerusalem", the everlasting town, the holy place protected by eternity and endlessness. Since 1980, Ohrid belongs to the world cultural and natural heritage under protection of UNESCO.

It is worth crossing Europe just to visit Ohrid.  On the territory of the Republic of Macedonia there are three  tectonic lakes. The biggest and the most famous worldwide is the Lake Ohrid, which is 4 milion years old. It covers a surface of 348,8 km2. Two thirds of the lake  belong to Macedonia and a third belongs to Albania. The lake is oval shaped. The longest part is in the direction from ST.Naum to Struga, a distance of 30,35 km. The widest part is between Peshtani and Piskupati (Albania) which is 14,5 km. Tha lake is a tectonic lowland. the lake is 287 m deep. It is the deepest lake on the Balkans and among the deepest in the world.
It is supposed that it is filled with water from Lake Prespa through underground channels. On the south coast of the lake there are around 80 springs. the water leaves tha lake through the river Crni Drim. The temperature of the water changes depending on the season, so in August it may warm up to 26 C, an no matter how cold it becomes, it never freezes.
The water of the Ohrid lake is among the clearest and purest in Europe. In July, it is transparent at a depth of 21,5 m.
In the lake there are 13 species of fish, among which is the endemic species of trout and bleak and the endemic frsh-water sponges and snails.
The town of Ohrid is at an altitude of 695 meters. It is located on the shore of the Lake Ohrid, some 171 km from the capital Skopje. It is in the south - western part of the country.

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