Struga is situated on the northern part of Lake Ohridd, on the banks of the river Crn Drim. The distance from Skopje, the capital, is 171 km and from the nearby city of Ohrid, Struga is only 15km away. The town is at an altitude of 693-695 meters.

Brief history
Struga is an old settlement where traces of an old civilization, dating even from the Neolithic period, can be found. Its excellent location enables the town to become part of the big road communication Via Egnatia, connecting two Roman Empires, the east one and the west one. In the antic period it was called Enhalon, which, in translation, means eel. It was not by accident that the town received this particular name. Namely, here, on the inflow of the river Crn Drim into Lake Ohrid, starts the longest way of the eel, which leads to the Sargasso Sea, where the fish satisfies its biological needs for continuing its kind.
When the Slavic people came, the name of the town was changed, and it was given its current name, which in translation means "hunting place".

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